Jessy Lanza – “VV Violence”

It’s been almost two months since Jessy Lanza shared “It Means I Love You,” the indomitable lead single from her upcoming sophomore album, Oh No. That one’s been in constant rotation for me since then, and today the Canadian electronic experimenter has shared another new track, the clipped and aerated “VV Violence.” It’s a frustrated ball of energy in which Lanza takes down someone who tells her she doesn’t know how to do something (“Show me how to do it/ You say I do it all wrong/ But you don’t even talk to me/ You don’t even talk to me/ Every time I have to prove it…”). It’s easy to read into it as a condemnation of all the dismissive dudes Lanza must encounter working in a genre that’s still unfortunately male-dominated, but it works well enough as a funnel for expressing general anxieties: “Yeah, I say it to your face but it doesn’t mean a thing,” she chants throughout. Listen via Red Bull Music below.

Oh No is out 5/13 via Hyperdub.

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