Watch An Adult Swim Short Soundtracked By Big Grams

Adult Swim has long done dope collaborations with rappers, from simple bumps to features on their various shows. Having a base in Atlanta, they have access to two of the ATL’s heaviest hitters in Big Boi and Killer Mike. Their latest collab flexes a bit of that Dirty South muscle along with Phantogram and El-P, as superstar duos Big Grams and Run The Jewels link on the soundtrack for an animated short which they star in. Big Grams is running things, but RTJ guests on the first track before the trio does their thing by themselves for the remainder. Killer Kill bursts into an underground gambling ring “Ric Flairing, long fur coat wearing, rolex rocking, silk shirt wearing” along with the trio as trippy visuals for a women chasing, drug ingesting, and drink guzzling narrative unfolds. Then things just turn to all out mayhem as all five members take turns serving up ass whoopings to any and everyone who looks at them funny. Then the Phantogram trio ventures through the city alone only to be robbed with Big Boi left chainless. It’s pretty weird as are most things on AS, but it’s also good like most things on AS as well. Check it out.