Offset Arrested For Possessing Less Than An Ounce Of Marijuana

That “Free Offset” T-shirt is probably still in your hamper from the last time he was sent to jail, but it’s time to do laundry again. The Migos rapper was arrested for the same infractions as last time — possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He was pulled over by police in Chattahoochee, GA, and the cops found less than an ounce of weed. Had he been arrested in NYC he may have been OK on the weed charge, but it’s Georgia, so it’s back to jail. According to TMZ, Offset claimed he had cleared up his driver’s license issues. Chattahoochee police disagreed.

Migos had just started to regain some momentum, dropping YRN2 and a couple of videos before Offset was taken back to jail a couple weeks ago for an unpaid ticket. The rapper was released in December of last year after the whole trio was arrested for drugs and guns. Unfortunately, jail seems to have a revolving door for Offset. He should take Madeintyo and Travis Scott’s advice and Uber everywhere.

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