Watch A Trailer For William Tyler’s New Album Modern Country

Three years ago, the fingerpicking guitar virtuoso William Tyler released Impossible Truth, a ridiculously beautiful album of bucolic folk instrumentals. Tyler has just announced its follow-up; it’s called Modern Country, and it’s coming in a few months. This time around, Tyler worked with a few musicians like Phil Cook and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, and he recorded at Justin Vernon’s April Base studio in Wisconsin. The album promises more melody and less wandering, but it’ll still be instrumental. And according to what Tyler says in the stunning trailer for the new album, the “country” of the title refers not to country music but to the actual nation, the United States of America. In his narration, Tyler explains that he’s been inspired by what he sees as a dying nation, an older American culture that’s being pushed to the side and disappearing. It’s a powerful statement, and it’s got my fucking pumped for this album. (I don’t want to say it’s better than the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer, but both of them have me about equally excited this morning.) Check it out below.

Modern Country is out 6/3 (and 6/10 in Europe) on Merge. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Highway Anxiety”
02 “I’m Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me)”
03 “Kingdom Of Jones”
04 “Albion Moonlight”
05 “Gone Clear”
06 “Sunken Garden”
07 “The Great Unwind”