Faye – “Chow Chow”

Faye – “Chow Chow”

“Chow Chow” starts off with a squiggling guitar and militarized drums, a rousing but standoffish introduction to new Charlotte, NC-based trio Faye. Their first song, which will appear on their upcoming self-titled debut EP, is a fatigued observation on scene disillusionment that almost approaches a call-to-arms but never quite commits. “This band won’t have the draw we thought, it’s not worth the wait, let’s plan our escape,” Susan Plante sings before blasting into the acute couplet: “Outside we shift our eyes and judge the lesser-thans while masquerading as friends/ Inside the band goes on to insignificant others, all the dads and the mothers.” Shows can so easily become just another place to drink and hang out, which isn’t a problem in and of itself but becomes a problem when it interferes with the bands that are there to share their art with an (ideally) eager audience. When a space becomes alienating to outsiders and unwelcoming to the artists, it’s frustrating. Thematically, “Chow Chow” taps into the same vein as another recent song about being scene sick, but Faye are scuzzier and more jaded than Diet Cig, though they certainly share some of the same worldview. Listen below.

Faye’s self-titled debut EP is out 5/13 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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