Tricot – “Setsuyaku-ka” Video

Kyoto trio Tricot make a slaying brand of math rock that upholds the high technical standards of the genre without getting bogged down in its intricacies. There is still a fun pop-punk sensibility about them that translates through their joyous demeanor and the buoyancy of their songs. We first caught wind of them with the blistering one-off “Pork Ginger,” but now they’re set to release their sophomore five-track Kabuku! EP and venture across Japan on tour later this spring.

The first offering from the upcoming EP is “Setsuyaku-ka,” and it arrives with a matching set of visuals. The track is another blistering adrenaline rush with complex interlocking guitar lines and super quick drumroll transitions weaving in and out of each other as beautiful yelped vocals cut through. Then a rhythmic reprieve kicks in, leaning toward Hiatus Kaiyote’s “future soul” before the guitars come rushing back into the forefront with precision. The video, directed by Yuji Sakatani, is simple and energetic, offering a great glimpse at the trio’s mannerisms and rapport. Shot in the midst of their European tour, it features Tricot sauntering down the streets of various European cities while dancing, air-guitaring and drumming, cracking jokes, and generally just enjoying each other’s company. The visuals mimic the light, airy quality they bring to the technicality of their music. Kabuku! seems like it will be incredible. Watch.


01 “Nichijo_Seikatsu”
02 “Setsuyaku-ka (???)”
03 “Aah (???)”
04 “Plastic (??????)”
05 “Aoi kuse (???)”

Kabuku! is out 4/27. Pre-order is available here.