Stream Sorority Noise It Kindly Stopped For Me EP

The most excellent parts of Sorority Noise’s 2015 breakthrough Joy, Departed were also the most explosive, among them the guitar onslaught that serves as the chorus on “Nolsey,” the thunderous lurch that punctuates “Your Soft Blood,” and especially the triumphant declaration of life on “Using.” The same holds true when the band plays live. Yet Joy, Departed also demonstrated that the Connecticut rockers are good at conjuring gorgeous moments of calm in between their storms, and their forthcoming It Kindly Stopped For Me gets powerful results by going even quieter.

As we heard on “Either Way” and “XC,” the Emily Dickinson-quoting EP presents Sorority Noise at their most minimal, with Cameron Boucher often adopting a whispery tone akin to Elliott Smith as he continues his exploration of addiction, depression, and hope. These four tracks might have tripped up the momentum on a full-length album, but as a quick standalone statement they beautifully fulfill their purpose.

Boucher shared some background on the EP with The Fader:

I recorded [It Kindly Stopped For Me] at my parents’ house over the week of Thanksgiving. These songs are concentrations on friends I lost during the summer and fall of 2015. After we sent the 7-inch to the plant, the thought crossed my mind that maybe these songs shouldn’t have been released, and maybe they were just for me.

For better or worse, these songs are coming out. Given this band’s power to inspire and enliven their listeners, I’m gonna side with “for better.” Stream the EP below.

It Kindly Stopped For Me is out 4/22 on Topshelf.