YACHT – “Annie Christian” (Prince Cover)

While recording their 2011 album Shangri-La, electro-pop duo YACHT worked on a cover of Prince’s song “Annie Christian,” but never finished nor released it. After yesterday’s news, YACHT completed the song and posted it to SoundCloud along with a fittingly sad and purple rendition of their upside down smiley face logo. They attached this statement:

“‘Annie Christian’ has always struck us as one of the weirdest Prince songs, a loose narrative of dark true stories from 1979-1981: John Lennon’s assassination, the Atlanta murders, and the FBI’s Abscam corruption sting. Prince was wounded by the evil in the world, and did a great deal both privately and publicly to bring the light.”

“Annie Christian” comes from Prince’s 1981 album Controversy. Listen to the cover below.

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