Watch Smashing Pumpkins Cover Prince’s “The Cross”

When Billy Corgan isn’t busy fraternizing with conspiracy wackjobs, he’s continuing to spearhead the Smashing Pumpkins’ acoustic In Plainsong tour. And as Alternative Nation points out, last Friday, at one of his VIP backstage sessions, Corgan became the latest superstar musician to pay tribute to the late, great Prince. Corgan joined Pumpkins touring member Sierra Swan on a cover of Sign ‘O’ The Times staple “The Cross,” which you can watch below.

Corgan also said he’s considering making an acoustic solo album:

I would say right now I would probably lean towards making a solo album, which the irony would be everybody that was on stage in Chicago would probably be on the album. I just don’t think a Smashing Pumpkins acoustic album is going to work right now, because the expectation is we’re going to go back to playing epic flaming rock, and I don’t have a problem with that. But if I said, ‘Well, I want to do this first, and put it out, and then we’re going to do that.’

If people don’t like that, they’re not going to want to hear the flaming rock album. It’s just the way it works, it’s maddening. The one thing you realize in this journey is you have nothing in the bank account, every time is the first time. Right now is the best period the band has had probably since 1997 or 1998.