Amber Arcades – “Fading Lines” Video

Amber Arcades is the moniker of Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf. De Graaf has been blazing since the beginning of the year. Before announcing her new album Fading Lines, she gave us one of the best early singles of the year in “Turning Light” and it’s held up with the year approaching the halfway mark. Followups “Right Now” and the title track were also stellar. Today, she gives the title track a matching set of visuals.

“Fading Lines” is a freeing song, bouncing and swirling around a jingling guitar. The clip captures the liberating feeling closely as parachutist freefalls from the sky with wind rushing around her. It seems like she falls forever due to director Gover Meits’ vision and some adroit aerial camerawork from Jarno Cordia. Varying shots from different distances and angles lead to an extreme closeup of her stoic expression as she is completely unfazed by possibly plummeting to her death. Falling with her vicariously is exhilarating. Watch.

Fading Lines is out 6/3 on Heavenly Recordings.