Lone – “Vapour Trail”

Lone – “Vapour Trail”

Lone is the psuedonym of producer Matt Cutler. He’s announced his sixth album, Levitate, and the first peak at the 34-minute album finds it worlds away from any of his other work. “Vapour Trail” is a glitchy, rhythmic, percussion-heavy trip with elastic, sustained synths on top of quick, catchy synth patterns. It’s highly danceable, which can also be said of his last album, Reality Testing, but instead of churning, slow simmers, “Vapour Trail” hints at buoyant dance catalysts. Cutler attributes the departure to a febrile, bed-ridden vision:

I’d try to go to sleep and I’d be hearing these mad rave tunes form in my head, which sounds ruddy awful to be honest. When I recovered I was left with all these ideas for fast, feverish tunes…After making a record as mellow as Reality Testing it was important to me to not repeat myself — I wanted it to be an intense blast.

“Vapour Trail” is an indication that he succeeded on his first steps down a divergent path. Listen.

Levitate is out 5/27 on R & S. Pre-order it here.

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