Hesitation Wounds – “Operatic”

I love that Hesitation Wounds are from Burbank, California. It’s one of the cushiest suburban cities ever, full of celebrities and many others suckling the teat of the entertainment industry. Every time I hear the post-hardcore quartet, I imagine the song pumping out of a car window riding through the streets of Burbank startling and scaring the sensitive ears it penetrates. Each of the three previous offerings from their upcoming album Awake For Everything — “Teeth,” “New Abuse,” and “Guthrie” — would certainly fit that bill. Their latest single, “Operatic,” would as well. It’s two blistering minutes of unrelenting punishment with frontman Jeremy Born’s gravelly wails going for the jugular from the very beginning. Listen.

Awake For Everything is out 5/27 on 6131 Records.