Rob Zombie Responds To Grumpy Old Fucks Who Diss Babymetal

Metalheads seem divided on what to make of the Japanese pop trio Babymetal, whose curious sound is a hybrid of old-school power-metal and new-school Japanese idol music. Are they an interesting group doing cool things with metal sounds, or are they a pernicious novelty, using metal iconography for their own pop-stardom ends? (The answer, of course, is that they’re both.) Rob Zombie, a guy who knows a few things about mass-appeal theatricality in metal, digs Babymetal, and yesterday, he posted a Facebook image of himself hanging out with the group backstage somewhere. At least a few of Zombie’s fans were not happy, jumping into Zombie’s Facebook comments and attempting to shame him for associating with the group. And Zombie took a break from digging through the ditches and burning through the witches to drag the fuck out of these fans. Observe:

Demon warp is coming alive in the comments section of Rob Zombie’s Facebook page.