School ’94 – “Common Sense”

School ’94 fall into the same crowd of recent Swedish exports that include Makthaverskan, Westkust, and The Sun Days, all bands that make soaring, anthemic rock songs that sound like a response to the characteristically heavier pop songs that act as the country’s other main forte. The band is following up 2014’s Like You EP with another shorter collection of songs, Bound, which will be released next month. “Common Sense” is the 12″‘s lead single, and it’s built around a pressing bass and the airy vocals of Alice Botéus, who also has a Swedish-language pop side project. Botéus told Spin, who debuted the track, that it’s “about living in denial, fooling yourself and everyone around you that everything is cool.” Listen below.

01 “Common Sense”
02 “Bound”
03 “Outside”
04 “My So Called Life”
05 “With This Happiness”
06 “We Turned Out To Be Lovers”

Their Bound EP is out 6/8 via Luxury. Pre-order it here.

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