Yucky Duster – “Friend Zone”

“We discussed our thoughts and our feelings, but that doesn’t make me want to stare at the ceiling with you,” Yucky Duster sing on “Friend Zone,” the rascally opening track to their upcoming self-titled debut that pokes fun at the construct of its title. “Does that make me a bitch? Does that make me a bitch?” the group’s vocalists Madeline Babuka Black and Maggie Gaster wonder, engaging with society’s pressure and expectation to put out the second you share a meaningful connection with someone. Like the rest of the band’s tracks, including early singles “Gofer” and “Seashell Song,” it’s over real quick, but that just makes it easier to hit repeat. Listen below.

Yucky Duster’s self-titled debut is out 6/3 via Birdtapes. Pre-order it here. They’re playing tonight in Brooklyn at Palisades with Peach Kelli Pop, Fern Mayo, and Flower Girl. Their album release show is at Shea Stadium on 6/3.

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