7 Revelations From Chance The Rapper’s Reddit AMA

Chance The Rapper just brought a whole lot more joy into the world with his irresistible new mixtape Coloring Book. Last night, he hosted a Reddit AMA on the HipHopHeads subreddit, answering fans’ questions about Coloring Book, upcoming collaborations, and his ideal sandwich (“cheeseburger, lettuce only”).

Chance on why the track “Grown Ass Kid,” which leaked online hours before the tape’s release, didn’t make it onto the final tracklist (and why are there two “Blessings”):

“Grown Ass Kid” had a sample clearance issue, bummed it leaked. Bummed it didnt get cleared it woul’dve been track 11. “Blessings” are kind of one thing on the album, they both are meant to prepare you for your day and your blessing.

On why the Jay Electronica collab “How Great” was his favorite song to record:

The setup, the children’s choir, JAY!!!!! My grandmother passed away a few weeks before we recorded and my cousin Nicole sang “How Great Is Our God” and it crushed me, a week later I had her come to the studio. Recorded her and Francis did his harmonizer thing. It’s so close to my heart.

On tracklist changes:

“Finish Line” at one point was the intro, with the same order. “Smoke Break” was last. “Entree” was third.

On whether he intends to tour in support of the tape:


On Vic Mensa:

Traffic is his best work to date, I hope it drops soon but not before I get another verse on that bitch

On the possibility of another Big Sean collab:

There was one on Coloring Book. But they stopped me. :(

On the possibility of another J. Cole collab:

Does it count if he produces it?

Chance also revealed that his favorite movie is Rian Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom, his favorite Kanye song is “We Don’t Care,” his favorite TV shows are Workaholics and Boardwalk Empire, and Proverbs 8:1-11 is the most meaningful passage in the Bible to him. He also said that he wants to work with 50 Cent, Robert Townsend, Randy Newman, Paul Giamatti, Stevie Wonder, and he explained what the drugs on “Same Drugs” are a metaphor for:


There you have it!