Steady Holiday – “Under The Influence”

John Cassavetes’ classic 1974 film A Woman Under The Influence chronicles the suffocating, maddening effect of domesticity, and Dre Babinski was so inspired by the the deliberate, considered portrait of the main character’s breakdown that she wrote a song about it and subsequently named her entire debut album as Steady Holiday after it. Under The Influence — both the song and the track — exude the same sort of constrained, methodical atmosphere as the film: “That movie flipped me upside down, it’s so stark and has one of the most interesting characters I’d ever experienced,” Babinksi explains. “The song meanders a bit like the lead character, Mabel, and details the mood and some of the imagery from the film. It was the first song I had written in that manner, as an interpretation of another medium.” Listen below, and check out “Open Water” when you want some more.

Under The Influence is out 6/23 via Infinite Best Recordings. You can pre-order it here.