Blink-182’s New Song Sucks But At Least It’s Only 14 Seconds Long

New-look Blink-182 are set to drop California, their first album without Tom DeLonge, this summer. The lead single, “Bored To Death,” straddled the line between kind of decent and awful, but like pretty much every Blink-182 song, the hook salvaged it and ever so slightly nudged it to the passable side. Maybe they realized that their strength lies in the refrain, because their latest “song,” “Built This Pool,” (no, it’s not moon-shaped) is pretty much just a hook. The good news is that it’s 14 seconds long. The bad news is that it’s awful. The whole song is one line, “I wanna see some naked dudes/ That’s why I built this pool,” over a rambunctious guitar riff and quick-hitting drums. The best thing about it is it’s length, but they managed to annoyingly fuck that up by looping it for 10 hours. Ugh.

California is out 7/1.

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