Watch Kanye West’s Intense, Passionate Ellen Interview

Remember when Drake was on Ellen earlier this week? When he seemed so loose and comfortable, like he’d been bred to be a daytime talk show guest? Yeah. That’s not Kanye West. For her second big A-list rapper interview of the week, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed West onto her show, and they did some of the standard talk-show things: Talking about West’s kids, playing a goofy game called 5 Second Rule. But in one long, riveting segment, West talked, with an unexpected and ferocious passion, about all the things he wants to do and about how seriously he takes himself. It’s a free-associative but intense burst of rhetoric, and it’s hard to look away from. DeGeneres and West are friends, but she was still looking at him like he was an alien for a lot of this. Below, check out the whole appearance, with the big moment first.

I’ve been around cocaine in my life enough times to know that that’s what cocaine looks like. Hopefully, that’s not what’s going on here. (If the videos aren’t showing up in your browser, watch them here.)