Neon Indian & Friends – “Pop Life” (Prince Cover) Video

Neon Indian and a cast of friends have added to the ever-growing list of Prince covers in the wake of the icon’s untimely passing. In the footage below, Alan Palomo and a lineup including “Holy Ghost, Kristin Kontrol, Ejecta, Xenia Rubbings, Adeline from Escort, Hannah Cohen, and Midnight Magic” take on the Purple One’s “Pop Life” from his and the Revolution’s 1985 album Around The World In A Day, adding a bit more bounce, shimmering synths, and a deepened bass line.

Neon Indian has a flair for excellent videos with elaborate productions and over-the-top aesthetics, but this clip is a simple jam/recording session. Their appreciation for Prince comes to the forefront with the no-frills video, and it seems his death brought them closer together as a unit. Some covers, like D’Angelo’s, have been devastatingly mournful and beautiful through their gloominess. But this cover is more a celebration of life, and the band looks like they genuinely had fun making it. Watch.