Factory Floor – “Dial Me In”

Back in 2013, Factory Floor put out their great debut album, and the London group — now a duo made up of Nik Void and Gabriel Gurnsey — are following that up later this year with 25 25. Judging by lead single “Dial Me In,” we’re in for another full-length’s worth of dark, sleek, minimalist electronic music. Here’s what Void has to say about the new track:

Being openly progressive has always been the Factory Floor way, be it via improvisational live shows, early Blast First releases, DFA reworks, or open studio collaborations and residencies. “Dial Me In” was the first track Gabe and I wrote together for this record. At this time we were both exploring new set ups – some unfamiliar gear like modular systems, as well as various machines combined with regular old stuff like my Roland sampler, live drums and effected live vocals.

Our shows between 2014-2015 were steadily moving towards late night club stompers, and gradually our tools were becoming more and more mobile within two Peli cases wheeled across the continent. We were forever testing out changing sets from one place to the next. This single is all about transition, adjustment and transparency – something we needed to get out there so that dots can be joined and the next page can be turned ready for 25 25.

Listen below.

01 “Meet Me At The End”
02 “Relay”
03 “Slow Listen”
04 “25/25″
05 “Dial Me In”
06 “Wave”
07 “Ya”
08 “Upper Left”

25 25 is out 8/19 via DFA.