This Ty Segall Fan Is Coming Home With The Wildest Story From Primavera Sound

Ty Segall & The Muggers absolutely crushed their performance at Spain’s Primavera Sound Festival last night, but Ty Segall wasn’t the only one maniacally prowling around onstage. During the set, he shared a surreal moment with and ceded the microphone to an enthusiastic dude named Manny at the front of the crowd, and the two then proceeded with a little Prince And The Pauper-style switcheroo. While Manny shouted “You’re an emotional mugger,” Segall grabbed the fan’s head and sucked his thumb before inviting him onstage. Manny donned Segall’s freaky baby mask and howled and thrashed around onstage. Then Segall climbed back up to sing Manipulator jam “Feel” with the guy. “I have just had the blast of my life,” he said before exiting the stage at the end of the song. Watch the whole wild scene unfold below, and try not to be too jealous.