Aphex Twin Cheetah EP Details

After a whole lot of teasing, it’s now been confirmed: Enigmatic production master Aphex Twin has a new EP coming out next week, and it’s named after the world’s fastest land animal. Before emerging with the great 2014 album Syro, Richard D. James had been silent for years, but he’s supposedly amassed a vast catalog of unreleased tracks. He’s shared some of those tracks on EPs and on SoundCloud, and we’ll get to hear seven more new ones on this new EP. And since James and his label went to the trouble to make a show of teasing this one, as they did with Syro, I have to imagine this will be music worth teasing out. Here’s the tracklist, via Pitchfork:

01 “CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum]”
03 “CHEETA1b ms800″
04 “CHEETA2 ms800″
05 “CIRKLON3 [ Kolkhoznaya mix ]”
06 “CIRKLON 1″
07 “2X202-ST5″

Cheetah is out 7/8 on Warp.

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