Watch President Obama Slow Jam The News With The Roots, Madonna Sing “Borderline” On The Tonight Show

Last night’s episode of The Tonight Show was a bit one. Barack Obama made what will presumably be his final appearance on the show, at least while he’s the President. And during his appearance on the show, Jimmy Fallon brought back an old-favorite comedy bit, Slow Jam The News. (Obama’s done the bit before.) With the Roots playing behind him and Fallon turning all his remarks into goofy double entendres, Obama took a moment to revel in all the successes of his presidency. He should! He deserves a minute to gloat! And he is also roughly one million times better than Fallon is at maintaining a straight face while he delivers a joke. On that same episode of the show, for whatever reason, Madonna came through to sing an organic, laid-back take on 1983’s “Borderline,” one of her most enduring hits. She doesn’t even have anything to promote, but honestly, it’s probably better that way. She sang a great song and sounded great. Watch the Slow Jam The News bit and the Madonna performance below.

A meeting of the Leo's! . A Cosmic Convergence!! . 2 ??#rebelhearts @jimmyfallon

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We live in a world where the group who made Illadelph Halflife got to back up the President of the United States of America. That’s pretty cool.