Watch Diarrhea Planet Make Their Raging TV Debut On Seth Meyers

Four-guitar Nashville party-rock machines Diarrhea Planet have been one of indie rock’s best live bands for years, but perhaps because they’re called “Diarrhea Planet,” they’ve never been in the late-night TV rotation. But today, the band releases Turn To Gold, their best album to date, and that was finally enough to get them on network TV for the first time ever. On last night’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the band came through to perform “Ain’t A Sin To Win,” the motorcycle anthem from the album. And while a TV studio is never going to be the best place to experience this band’s specific form of mayhem, it’s still a badass performance. If you haven’t seen them live yet — which you should absolutely do at your earliest convenience — you can get the basic idea from this. Check it out below.

Turn To Gold is out now on Infinity Cat.