Stephen Steinbrink – “Anagrams”

The release date for Stephen Steinbrink’s seventh album, Anagrams, is quickly approaching. We’ve already heard the lead single “Absent Mind” and followup “Building Machines.” His latest offering from the album is the title track.

“Anagrams” is a bright, bouncy, surfy song with glimmering guitars reminiscent of the sun gleaming off the ocean. It’s a more straightforward tune for Steinbrink, who rose off of his more experimental sounds, but the buoyant aesthetic contrasts with darkly shaded lines like: “Is it true love? Do you feel the heartbeat too? Simulation of the deepest night of truth.” That incongruous mix creates a wonderful tension where the two opposing vibes meet rubbing against each other before the final piercing line “Reality doesn’t need to make me bleed” initiates a long cool-down fadeout. Listen.

Anagrams is out 7/1 on Melodic. Pre-order it here.