D∆WN – “Not Above That” Virtual Reality Video

Dawn Richard (aka D?WN) has made a virtual reality video for “Not Above That,” her one-off single from earlier this year. The former Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money member has talked about using VR technology in the past to realize some of her ambitious visions, and the video for “Not Above That” puts the viewer in the position of a spaceship pilot as Richard dances around visualized wormholes and constellations.

“Instead of just shooting people in 360, we wanted to make you feel presence in another dimension,” the musician said to Wired in a detailed explanation of the video’s goals. “Instead of a VR piece that’s just images, we want to add storytelling to that platform.” She also addresses some of the technical limitations of the still-developing technology and how they dealt with them: “We had to get away from fluidity and do sharper movements so that people could read the timing. Everything has to be way more aggressive: pivots, full turns, shoulder movements, things that were super big.”

Check it out below.