Peter Gabriel – “I’m Amazing”

Peter Gabriel – “I’m Amazing”

Right before kicking off his joint North American tour with Sting, Peter Gabriel has released his first new song in almost two years. The prog-rock deity hits us with “I’m Amazing,” a nearly eight-minute anthem celebrating what people accomplish everyday just by continuing to survive and thrive through trying times, inspired by Muhammad Ali’s death. Uplifting lines like “I can jump into the darkness/ I can shine on anyone” are blown sky high as Gabriel moves in out of sections with rumbling bass, warped synths, cosmic distorted guitars, and heavy rhythmic drums. The song reaches a huge, thunderous crescendo evoking Ali’s brazen confidence on the infectious hook “Look at me, look at me/ Look at what I can do/ ‘Cause I’m amazing.” Gabriel released a statement on Facebook about the song and its inspiration:

I wrote a song a few years back – “I’m Amazing,” which was, in part, inspired by Muhammad Ali’s life and struggles and at the time of his death, when so many people are celebrating his life and thinking about all he achieved, it seemed the right time to release it.

If your coffee didn’t do it for you this morning, this is probably plenty strong enough to get you through the rest of the week. Listen.

“I’m Amazing” will be available tomorrow, 6/17, through all digital retailers and streaming services.

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