Bat For Lashes – “We’ve Only Just Begun” (Carpenters Cover) Live Video

Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan has cited the Carpenters as an influence on her upcoming new album, The Bride, and she’s paid tribute to the duo by covering their 1970 ballad “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Khan has been doing the song live for a while now, and today she’s shared a professionally (and beautifully)-shot video of her and her band performing the song. In an interview with Lenny, she talked about the origins of the cover:

We do a cover a Carpenters song, “We’ve Only Just Begun,” and there’s this running joke when we play live that we make the most depressing cover band ever because we take every song and make it deathly sad, but this one particularly is really close to my heart, because when I was little I had to stay with my “nan,” who was a bit scary. I didn’t really like her but she lived in this house that hadn’t changed since the ’60s, so it had shag rust-colored carpet and loads of those paintings with the girls with the big eyes and floral vinyl wallpaper. [When I was there] I would just go upstairs and listen to The Very Best of the Carpenters tape over and over again and sing it in front of the mirror. [Now] I play it on piano, and it’s a really dusty slow version with bowed guitar, and it’s been going down really well. I can’t top Karen Carpenter’s voice, but I love singing her words and her melodies.

Watch below.

Bat For Lashes is out 7/1 via Parlophone.