Stream Trust Fund We Have Always Lived In The Harolds

Trust Fund is the colorful homespun project of Bristol, England’s Ellis Jones, who shared yesterday his fourth album-length (well, 20-minute) collection of low-key indie pop songs. We Have Always Lived In The Harolds follows last year’s pair of releases Seems Unfair and No One’s Coming For Us. Recorded at Jones’ residence in Leeds, the LP holds a sprightly domestic quality that’s charmingly messy. Take “Together,” which bounces along with nervous glee over the excitement of moving in with someone new as Jones wonders with wide eyes, “How are we going to decorate this place?” Even though he wants to die every day of the workweek, he holds enough enthusiasm about the weekend to cherish it as him and his roommate’s “special time together.”

The rest of the album further refines Jones’ dismal celebratory spirit. Immediately following “Together,” “Crab Line” finds Jones delivering what could be the album’s mission statement in the line, “Me and my baby that’s all we want/ All we want is to not exist,” over high-fructose bursts of bright guitar lines and budget synths, before breaking down in the last minute to a half-speed waltz. Musically and lyrically, Trust Fund’s songs are full of winding reflection and conflicting emotions. “We don’t need no marks on the arm to show/ Life is so long, and life is so hard/ But if you need them, here they are,” Jones sings, flexing a perspective that is as hopelessly depressed as it is mournfully hopeful. Stream the album below.

We Have Always Lived In The Harolds is out now on cassette and digital on Bandcamp.

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