Detail Sues Drake For Having Him Beat Up By A Bodyguard

Detail is suing Drake for allegedly having him beaten up by a bodyguard, TMZ reports. According to Detail, who produced the Nothing Was The Same track “305 To My City,” the whole beef started back in 2014, when Drake offered him a job as his exclusive producer. Detail didn’t want to only work with one artist, so he declined, and Drake was reportedly not too happy about that. Detail says that Drake then invited him back to his Calabasas estate in June 2014 under the pretext of working together again, but when he arrived, he was confronted by Drake’s bodyguard Chubbs, who cold-cocked him, broke his jaw, and yelled stuff like “I will beat all your asses, including your bitches. I don’t give a fuck. I will hit you again. Do you think Drake is soft? You think Drake’s a punk?” The producer is claiming that Drake arranged the whole thing, and he’s seeking restitution.

UPDATE: TMZ has shared more details about Detail’s claim. The injures were reportedly so bad that he was hospitalized for days with a broken jaw and “other injuries that required several surgeries,” and the producer says that he couldn’t work for a year. He says he repeatedly asked Drake to cover his medical expenses, and filed the lawsuit after Drake’s refusal.


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