Dave Grohl Tells A Story About The Time He Was Super High At A Party Where Taylor Swift Covered Foo Fighters For Paul McCartney

A nice thing about Dave Grohl: He has been astronomically famous for a full quarter-century, and he still seems vaguely thrilled and weirded out by his own fame. Case in point: Last night, Grohl played a tiny invite-only solo-acoustic show at the Cannes Lions festival. And during his set, he told a story about being high at a house party with Paul McCartney. And when people asked him to play a song, he was too high and too confused by McCartney’s left-handed guitars that were there to make anything happen. And then Taylor Swift appeared “like fuckin’ Batman” and started playing Foo Fighters’ “Best Of You.” This, naturally, served as Grohl’s introduction to “Best Of You,” and you can watch a fan-made video of his story and his performance below.

Citibank sponsored that Grohl performance, and I hope the execs felt like they got their money’s worth with that story.