Jenn Wasner Announces Flock Of Dimes’ Full-Length Debut

For years, Jenn Wasner, the Wye Oak member with the titanic voice, has been releasing solo music under the name Flock Of Dimes. On her own, she’s developed her own sound — one which sometimes interlocks with with she does with Wye Oak’s but which never overlaps. As Flock Of Times, she’s a sort of experimental bedroom-popper, playing around with synthetic sounds and textures. She’s recorded some great music under that name, but she’s never given us a full-length album. That’s about to change. Wasner announced on Twitter that her first Flock Of Dimes album is coming out on Partisan Records later this year. There’s not a whole lot more info about it, but the tweet does include a few seconds of new music.

In other Wasner news, she’s just introduced her own signature Reverend guitar, and she’s published an essay about guitars on Medium.