Watch Stephen Colbert’s Uncut Version Of Kanye West’s “Famous” Video

Late-night hosts must love Kanye West. Virtually everything he does is worthy of at least a monologue joke, if not a full comedy bit. And then there’s always the possibility that he’ll see the joke and launch a full-on Twitter feud, which of course leads to the viral reconciliation. West’s new controversy-grubbing “Famous” video is practically custom-built for late-night comedy bits. And Stephen Colbert, you will happy to know, is mad that he wasn’t included in the video. So he put himself in. Watch it below.

Jimmy Kimmel, meanwhile, made essentially the exact same joke, though he did not make it quite as well:

The Jimmy Fallon camp, meanwhile, remains conspicuously silent. Inevitable conclusion: Jimmy Fallon is terrified of Kanye West.