Noel Gallagher Finally Responds To His Brother Calling Him A Potato

Noel Gallagher always has a lot to say, but he’s been noticeably mum on the subject of his brother Liam calling him a potato a month ago. Thankfully, the elder Gallagher has finally provided The Toronto Star with some typically delightful banter on that topic. Behold the latest chapter in the entertainingly contentious fraternity behind Oasis:

Your brother (Liam) recently ranted angrily about you on Twitter. What caused that?

That’s so unlike him. I guess it was about him staying relevant. If you’re him, what else is there to tweet about? How his spring/summer collections are doing for his clothing firm? I’m not sure that warrants a tweet. Should he ever climb out of the “where are they now” basket and grant you an interview, ask him. I’m sure you’ll get a typically fucking surreal answer.

So you’re not speaking?

We’ve not been on speaking terms since 1996. I tolerated him up until he stopped being able to sing. When singing becomes shouting — I switched off then. I was just amassing money.

So when you toured together since, you didn’t have anything to do with each other?

No, not at all. I’ve always been a loner anyway, even as a child. I prefer my own company. I’m literally the only person who can put up with me.

Noel also bemoaned the way social media has taken the mystique out of music:

I’m 50 next year. I grew up mythologizing Led Zeppelin and (wondering) what they might be up to. Whereas now everybody knows what Kasabian are up to right now. There’s probably a live blog going on somewhere. Everybody knows what Chris Martin had for breakfast. And if they don’t know, they could find out.

And you won’t be surprised to learn that he has no interest in streaming services:

I don’t stream music. If I want it, I’ll buy it. I don’t need access to 3 billion shit tunes. Someone tried to sell me Spotify once and I was like, “Why would I want the entire fucking catalogue of the Kaiser Chiefs? Why would I want access to that? Why would I want a load of fucking live gigs by the Foo Fighters?” I wouldn’t have it in the house, so why would I want it on my phone?

There’s even more where that came from — there always is, where Noel Gallagher is concerned — so check it out here.

UPDATE: Liam Gallagher has responded to Noel Gallagher’s response to calling him a potato: