ScotDrakula – “Skeleton Fever” Video

Melbourne’s ScotDrakula has released “Skeleton Fever,” the first track from the follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut. The song — a mid-tempo fizz-pop tune that glows with a technicolor warmth — captures the band at their most yearning. It marks our first taste of ScotDrakula following founding member Dove Bailey’s departure, and shows them pensively looking over their shoulder at their too short of a past together while continuing to march toward an exciting extension of their sound. “Skeleton Fever” is homespun from the most tender patches of garage rock, the band gingerly wading in a bath of humming golden tones before breaking upstream into a rousing chorus. The accompanying video is essentially a home movie compilation, showing the band and their friends sharing casual moments on the road between between shifting profiles from the three remaining members. The band wrote of the clip on their Facebook page:

Watching this video is the closest you can ever come to feeling how we feel about not being able to be a band in the same city. But at the same time you get to see how much fun we have had together as well as see some of our beautiful friends who we would never have been able to do what we’ve done without.

Watch below.

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