Slipknot Frontman Takes Hard Fall Onstage Weeks After Spinal Surgery

A few weeks ago, Corey Taylor, frontman of masked Iowa metal insurgents Slipknot, suffered what he called a broken neck. His band had to reschedule a summer tour with Marilyn Manson, but that tour kicked off on Tuesday night in Nashville. On Twitter, Taylor has said that doctors forbade him from headbanging or jumping. And those doctors are probably not happy to learn that Taylor took a hard fall off the stage during last night’s show in Atlanta.

According to Blabbermouth, various people at the show said that Taylor, performing in both a neck brace and his trademark mask, fell onstage at the end of the band’s 17-song set. Some said that he couldn’t walk afterward, and others said that he had to be helped backstage by medical support staff:

After the show, Taylor himself tweeted that he’s OK:

Whatever your feelings on Slipknot, touring with a broken neck is a pretty badass and dedicated thing to do.