Frank Ocean (Remember Him?) Teases Boys Don’t Cry Due Date

Hey, remember Frank Ocean? Remember when his new album and zine (one or both of which may be titled Boys Don’t Cry) was going to come out last July? And then remember when that totally didn’t happen but we were all really convinced that it was finally going to arrive in August anyway?

Well, obviously none of that happened. But hey, here’s some more (possibly false) hope! Early this morning, as MissInfo points out, Ocean updated his Boys Don’t Cry website with a new post entitled “late,” which features an image of a library due-date slip with a whole bunch of dates stamped on it. The dates run in chronological order from last July to sometime this month (also July), with the day of the latest date smudged. Except there’s one stamp that doesn’t appear to be in chronological order — one that reads “NOV 13, 2016.”

So is Boys Don’t Cry (the publication and/or the album) finally arriving in November? Or maybe July? Ocean’s younger brother Ryan Breaux posted the same image on Instagram with the caption “BOYS DON’T CRY #JULY2016,” although he has been known to troll Ocean’s fans, so he might not be the most reliable source. Still — something is going on! Check out the image below.

Boys Don't Cry


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