Download Arca Entrañas

Arca teased a new release yesterday when he dropped the video for a song titled “Sin Rumbo” via Twitter. The Venezuelan producer is currently working on Reverie, the follow-up to 2015’s Mutant, but “Sin Rumbo” turns out to be the final song on what appears to be a 14-track mixtape titled Entrañas. Arca uploaded the new work to SoundCloud and tweeted it out less than an hour ago. You can stream Extrañas and check out the tracklist below, or download it here.

Entrañas tracklist:

01 “Pérdida”
02 “Torero”
03 “Culebra”
04 “Vicar”
05 “Cement Garden Interlude”
06 “Baby Doll (Feat. Mica Levi)”
07 “Lulled”
08 “Think Of (Feat. Mica Levi & Massacooraman)”
09 “Clocked”
10 “Pargo”
11 “Turnt (Feat. Total Freedom)”
12 “Girasol”
13 “Fount”
14 “Sin Rumbo”

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