Cassius – “The Missing” (Feat. Ryan Tedder & Jaw) Interactive Video

Cassius released Ibifornia just over a week ago. One of the early singles and standouts on that album is “The Missing” featuring Ryan Tedder and dance singer Jaw. The words “raising my flag” take on new meaning with the interactive video treatment. The clip features many kinds of couples making out and exploring hand-in-hand, and by a simple click of the mouse you can change the people in the couple. All sorts of pairings take place including interracial, lesbian, transgender, and any combination you can think of, making the permutations seem endless. It’s an endearing message, especially after people of different colors, creeds, and backgrounds came together to celebrate the 4th of July yesterday. Check out a preview of the video below, and head to Cassius’ website set up specifically for the video to get to clicking and mixing and matching couples.

Ibifornia is out now.