Woody Allen Casts Justin Timberlake In His Next Movie

Woody Allen has announced the full cast of his next movie, and on the list is Justin Timberlake. Timberlake is arguably a more viable actor than singer now with Trolls, The Social Network, and Inside Llewyn Davis on his filmography, but a film with the acclaimed Allen is surely a big notch in his belt. Timberlake will have a supporting role alongside Juno Temple, Jim Belushi, and Kate Winslett.

There is no distributor officially attached to the project, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon is involved. The Seattle e-commerce giant is also distributing Allen’s latest, Cafe Society, with Lionsgate and featuring his Miley Cyrus-starring television show on their Prime subscription service. As with most Allen films, it will be shot and set in New York, and the project is cloaked in mystery, with the film’s title and plot details being kept close to chest. It seems the recent flack Timberlake caught for cultural appropriation won’t be hurting him too much.