The Tenors Bench Member Who Worked “All Lives Matter” Into “O Canada” At MLB All-Star Game

The Tenors’ singing of the Canadian national anthem before the MLB All-Star Game in San Diego tonight was going great — I mean, as great as a fairly routine rendition of the Canadian national anthem can go — until one member of the quartet decided to turn their performance into a misguided political statement. During his solo, SB Nation reports, Tenor Remigio Pereira changed the lyrics of “O Canada” from “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free” to “We’re all brothers and sisters, All lives matter to the great” while holding up an All Lives Matter sign in support of the deeply stupid hashtag.

People were understandably pretty pissed, both because changing the lyrics to your country’s national anthem is kinda not cool and because, again, All Lives Matter is a deeply stupid thing to say. The group as a whole have apologized, blaming the incident on Remigio Pereira going rogue:

The big takeaway here? The Tenors are most certainly not welcome at a Wavves show.