Watch Kamaiyah’s A Good Night In The Ghetto Mini-Doc

Kamaiyah fucked the whole summer up with her debut mixtape A Good Night In The Ghetto, one of the very best albums of the year so far. Now she’s teamed up with director Chris Simmons for a new A Good Night In The Ghetto mini-doc, in which she takes us on a tour of her East Oakland hometown to discuss her childhood and the days leading up to her first ever headlining show. “The A Good Night In The Ghetto doc was put together to show my evolution and journey into my first show, as well as give people a brighter spectrum on who Kamaiyah is, where I come from, and the background regarding my musical influence and why I do it,” the rapper told XXL, where the film premiered. YG, Kehlani, Rae Sremmurd, and DJ Mustard all make appearances. Watch below.