Danny Brown Titles New Album Atrocity Exhibition And Yes He Knows The Joy Division Song

Danny Brown’s forthcoming album will be titled Atrocity Exhibition, and yes, it does appear to be named after the Joy Division song. “Atrocity Exhibition” was included on the post-punk band’s 1980 sophomore LP Closer, which was released several months after frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide. Brown tweeted the album announcement last night, and today he posted a photo of Curtis’ lyrics on Instagram.

Atrocity Exhibition is the title of my next album #Bruisers get ready!!!!!

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Atrocity Exhibition is also the title of an experimental J.G. Ballard novel that was first published in 1970. This marks Brown’s first release on the UK mainstay label Warp Records, a partnership that was announced early this summer when Brown dropped his most recent single “When It Rain.”