Bruce Springsteen Shares Eulogy For Alan Vega

Over the weekend, Suicide’s Alan Vega passed away, and this morning Bruce Springsteen shared a eulogy of the late singer. Springsteen was a long-time champion of the group, citing their debut LP as inspiration for his 1982 album, Nebraska, which contained the very Suicide-esque “State Trooper.” He even included a cover of “Dream Baby Dream” on 2014’s High Hopes. Per Rolling Stone, Springsteen once said that Suicide “should be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.” Read his eulogy below.

Over here on E Street, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Alan Vega, one of the great revolutionary voices in rock and roll. The bravery and passion he showed throughout his career was deeply influential to me. I was lucky enough to get to know Alan slightly and he was always a generous and sweet spirit. The blunt force power of his greatest music both with Suicide and on his solo records can still shock and inspire today. There was simply no one else remotely like him.