Nouvelle Vague – “Athol Brose” (Cocteau Twins Cover)

The last time we posted about Nouvelle Vague, Michael Jackson had about two weeks left to live. To refresh your memory, the French group “seeks to reinterpret classic new wave and post punk songs as Bossa Nova.” This Fall, Nouvelle Vague — featuring core members Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux as well as singers including Camille, Phoebe Killdeer, Nadeah, Melanie Pain and Liset Alea — will reunite for their first studio album since 2010’s Couleurs sur Paris. The as-yet-untitled LP will be proceeded by a four-song EP entitled Athol Brose. Today, we are premiering the the title track and first single from Athol Brose, a Bossa Nova interpretation of Cocteau Twins “Athol Brose,” which features Liset Alea. Check it out below.


01 “Athol Brose” (Feat. Liset Alea) (Couteau Twins Cover)
02 “La Pluie et Le Beau Temps” (Comp. Olivier Libaux)
03 “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Dream Koala Remix)” (Joy Division Cover)
04 “Ever Fallen In Love” (Buzzcocks Cover)

Athol Brose is out 9/2. Pre-order it here.