Marilyn Manson Announces New Album SAY10 Out Valentine’s Day

Marilyn Manson will release his 10th studio album, SAY10, on Valentine’s Day, 2017. It follows last year’s The Pale Emperor. The shock rocker casually made the announcement in an interview with the Alternative Press, during which he also shared a story about putting a gun in the mouth of Spin Magazine’s former executive editor way back in the day. Manson then ran from the scene and hid at the Trump Towers (timely!) in New York before he was arrested and later sued. I am not old enough to remember this event. What kind of gun? Was it loaded? Where can I see this footage? Help. Watch Manson’s whacky-as-always interview below.

For what it’s worth, Tom says that the gun part of the story is not true. So does MTV.

SAY10 is out 2/14/2017.