Watch Charli XCX Debut New Song “Bounce” At PC Music’s Pop City

Last night, the pop-music experimentalists of PC Music threw themselves a big party during Red Bull Music Academy, which they called Pop City, at the Los Angeles venue Create. And they got a couple of honest-to-god pop stars to take part. Carly Rae Jepsen joined Danny L Harle for “Supernatural,” a collaboration that leaked last week. And Charli XCX, who previously worked with PC Music ally SOPHIE on “Vroom Vroom,” debuted a new A. G. Cook collaboration that’s apparently called “Bounce.” It’s a sticky, giddy track, one that sounds more like straight-up pop music than like the theoretical PC Music version. And you can see a couple of fan-made videos of her performance below along with video of her and Hannah Diamond’s “Paradise.”.

Charli really seems like she’s having fun!