of Montreal – “My Fair Lady”

Sometimes loving someone just isn’t enough. All of their baggage gets in the way, and a relationship becomes untenable. That’s the narrative thrust of “My Fair Lady,” the second single from of Montreal’s upcoming new album Innocence Reaches. “Because you were damaged, I have to give all the love that was meant for you to somebody else,” Kevin Barnes sings over a funky pastiche that’s more in the vein of his magnum opus Hissing Fauna (and its two spiritual sequels, Skeletal Lamping and False Priest) than most of what he’s released since. “Can’t you change?” he asks as the music melts into his voice. I wasn’t really feeling lead single “It’s Different For Girls,” but this is much more like the of Montreal that I know and love. Slightly off-kilter, a little emotionally volatile. Listen via DIY below.

Innocence Reaches is out 8/12 via Polyvinyl.

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