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A very important band broke up on September 16, 2015. Their name was Krill. On that fateful day, I wrote a eulogy for the trio, which I’ve excerpted below in case you’re unfamiliar with their particular genius:

There are a lot of music writers who dismiss Krill for being a bunch of silly nerdy dudes, who don’t understand the subtext of last year’s single “Turd,” and who wish that Furman’s voice was a little bit less grating. They are the oppressor, the naysayers that these songs challenge. There’s a lot more to Krill than their absurdist internet presence, their monosyllabic name, and their unintentional normcore aesthetic, and there are a lot of fans out there who were deeply saddened to learn that by the end of October, they will no longer be a band.

I’m sorry to say that this isn’t a Krill reunion announcement. They are still broken up, and for a lot of us, that really sucks. However, the band released a collection of songs today that were recorded in the months prior to the split. Here’s the message they posted on Bandcamp:

hi everyone —

we wanted to share with you this last thing we made, from beyond the grave, some new old krill. we are still no longer a band, but were working on this in the final days of krill. we decide to call it ‘krill’. we recorded it at the holy silent barn with julian and carlos.

much love to everyone who supported us and ever had a hand in this thing. long live EIS. thanks again.

PEACE < : <: ~krill credits

Listen to the five-song album below.


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